It's crazy what you notice when you've got a camera in hand and a pretty couple by your side. I've walked down the Coast Guard each access probably 1,000 times and never fully noticed or appreciated the different types of backgrounds this one little spot has. I'm in love with this little beach fencing and the desert look of the trees. I love feeling like a tourist on my own island. Megan and Ryan looked amazing in their beachy outfits against these backdrops! Loved their outfit choices!

Megan has one of the most unique engagement rings I've ever seen! Smitten!

It is a mix of rose gold and white gold in the shape of a rose flower.

What made you fall for him?

He made me laugh and loved my nerdy personality.

Three things that fuel your relationship:

Bike rides, date nights, and hammock family time

Do you have any advice for other couples?

Don't take things too seriously. Have fun. Enjoy life. Move to a vacation area near the beach. :)