Bridal Session - Taylor Grady House, Athens

 I've been wanting to put together a styled bridal shoot for a while and I'm pretty dern happy with the results. The shoot features the lovely Lauren Teknipp, a fitness blogger and model. I followed Lauren through her social media after seeing her play (like a boss) at UGA volleyball. She's been my secret girl crush ever since. So, when I needed a model, I knew who to ask. Thankfully she was thrilled to help out!

 Check out Lauren's awesome stuff at Saturated Fit. You won't regret it! She is one dedicated beauty with a heart of gold. It was such a pleasure to work with her. 

I have a lot of people to thank for helping put this shoot together. First, Lydia Phillips with Mintwood Photo Co. for being my Athens mentor and guiding me through this process. Thank you to Jeni for her dynamite makeup skills. I love the hint of purple eyeshadow. Make sure to follow @makeupbyjeni. Everyone at I Do, I Do Bridal Boutique for providing these stunning dresses and accessories. A big, big thanks to Flowerland for proving such a lovely bouquet so last minute. I nearly teared up when I saw it. Those ladies are awesome. Thanks, Taylor Grady House for being oh, so beautiful. It was an honor to shoot an Athens national historic landmark. 

Finally, thank you, Walmart for selling $8 engagement rings.  Enjoy the photos. Keep scrolling for more.

Getting ready. Thanks Jeni!