Caitlin + Island Magic

When your creative, wonderful boss turns into your friend πŸ’•  

Caitlin said it best: 

Yesterday was magical-- I donned a dress, put on a flower crown and bathed in the ocean 🌊 But first there was a smoke bomb πŸ¦„

I love getting together with Rainey and just unloading all of our creative dreams in one evening! Being on the other side is just another way I grow into myself-- expanding into an even greater artist.✨ Learning to always keep an open mind and see the world in a whole new way and therefore capture it like I haven't before.πŸ’‘It gets me stoked for what's to come. Dream big all you creatives 🌈 #xoxo


Can someone be more radiant?! βœ¨  Showing what's on the inside, that's what I love to do. Taking someone's good heart and inner self and bringing it to be represented in a photo. 

Caitlin is so visually striking, but her outsides only reflect what's inward- LOTS OF LIGHT, COLOR, AND LIFE.

I'm going to steal Caitlin's words one more time"

"Photography is more than just clicking the shutter-- it's about capturing truly remarkable moments. I'm not sure true talent is something taught, but more or less felt. Rainey is one who I can tell from working beside her, she feels it. And to find that, I think that's most remarkable."

Golden light and dancing with the water, uhh.. an it get any better?

Flower crowns made by yours truly.  Let me know if you are interested in one! They are so fun to make!

Thanks to Fringe in Athens for the beautiful dress. I melt over a great piece of fabric.

Ah. That bond between ocean and heart. I've always had salt water in my veins and here's that love illustrated ^. 

They are so true, all those cheesy sayings on pillows and wall hangings.

Salt water really can cure. Calm my restless mind, oh waves. Be my tranquility. 

Thanks mermaid friend, for being a beautiful and adventurous model. 


Summer in January - East Beach Portrait Session

World traveling flight attendant, fitness instructor, UGA student, and all around great person to be around - this girl has got her ish together.

She's been living in the very cold city of New York but is about to make her away back down to our dear be closer to her man :) I hear wedding bells nearby?

Summer grew up in the Golden Isles but, it's going to be awhile before she gets to visit again so she was happy to get together and shoot at the beach with me. It did indeed feel like summertime in January. Couldn't ask for more gorgeous weather, landscape, or company. 

Good luck with your big move, Summer. You're gonna have to get used to that five-hour drive up to Atlanta, like I have. I can suggest some good podcasts.



We thought we were going to lose our light before we moved further down the beach, but WOW were we totally surprised with the most gorgeous color show! 


Ya'll come back now, ya hear?