Taylor + Michael | Romantic Western Inspired Reception | Alpharetta Woods

I love this trend of having a smaller, more private wedding ceremony with close friends and family on one day. Then, on another day, have the party of of your dreams with a larger gang. Why break up the days?

  • You get the pleasure of wearing your wedding dress again, getting more out of the investment it is. Plus, if your all about getting glammed up, it's a second chance to feel your best beautiful.  

  • Have more time to plan the party and get everything you want. Maybe your ideal reception location isn't available the day of your ceremony, but it is a week later? Maybe you loved the  bouquet you held at the ceremony but want to go with a different color scheme the second time around to get some variety in your photos.? I know I have a hard time choosing just one look or style that I love. This way, you have a second chance to include all the details you love.

  • Get some time to feel married without all the fawning eyes. Wedding photographers do our best to give you time to breath in the moment of getting married to your best friend. That said, sometimes the day can go by so fast when there are so many people to catch up with at the reception. Separating the ceremony and reception days gives you plenty of time to ruin your makeup with happy tears before your grand entrance as husband and wife.


My very favorite part of this night was watching the happy couple dance together. The joy on Taylor and Michael's faces say it all. What brought it all together was the overflowing love that this couple and their families have for each other. 


These chic, rustic details took my mind back home to my California days of stone fireplaces and eating buttermilk pie at the family, old wood table. Such a beautiful, cozy setting. Check out all the pies Taylor's grandma made for this special day, including buttermilk! 


Can you get any happier, prettier people?!

Taco 'bout a night! This is what great wedding receptions are made of - great food, dancing, and of course piñatas and confetti!


The sweetest mother and son dance was followed by a father and daughter duet of "Suds in the Bucket! 


This song goes so well with the rest of the night!


Taylor and Michael, thank you so much for having me be a part of your beautiful wedding reception! ¡Fue muy divertito!