Feb - April FAVORITES 2019

It’s been quite a busy and blessed year so far. Here are some of my favorite shots from 2019 so far - starting with my first ever Hindu wedding ceremony on Jekyll Island with Island Sound. This couple was so excited to marry each-other twice in one day.


I got together with one of my besties to get some promotional shots for Valentine’s Day. The perfect time for boudoir!

February Katie-7.jpg

My next wedding of the year was Lindsay and Matthew’s at Epworth by the Sea beautiful Lovely Lane Chapel on St. Simons Island.


On February 22nd Julia and Daniel came all the way from Colorado to elope under Georgia’s beautiful oak trees at Gascoigne Bluff.


Island Sound sent me down to Casa Marina to film Kate and Will’s ceremony. I fell so in love with this beachy, Spanish inspired venue! Here is a little spinet.


Blair and Blake’s March 9th wedding was my first time shooting a wedding at The Vine’s gorgeous Greenhouse. All my floral and white backdrop dreams come true.


I was SO HAPPY that the azaleas were in bloom for Megan’s maternity session! These gorgeous colors are only here for a short time in the spring and oh, doesn’t she look beautiful with them!?


Megan and her daughter Reagan were the winners of my most recent Instagram giveaway. Get these girls modeling agents!

Eveline celebrated her 60th birthday with a family trip to St. Simons Island!


Laney Jean at just two weeks in her perfectly pink nursery.


The Albuquerques celebrate their anniversary on the beach!

The bugs were terrible on the beach this day, but this happy family did not let that dampen their smiles!

This must have been the windiest day Hilton Head has ever seen, but just look at these good sports!


Can’t handle how stinking cute this family is!!

A family vacation and anniversary celebration at St. Simon’s Island Lodge!


Sometimes stormy skies can create the most beautiful backdrops!


Hope and Tesh celebrating their 10 year anniversary with their son on St. Simons Island! Love that they brought the umbrella from their wedding.

Family days in the sun…


Can’t believe Finn is already 6 months old!


What a beautiful family! All the family from Nebraska, mom and daughter came to celebrate dad’s graduation from FLETC!


After shooting Tiffany’s maternity session, I was SO excited to meet baby Joanna!


Then there’s this sweet little man who just wanted to make every stick a fishing pole!


Here’s a little peak into Stephanie and Ben’s lovely, lovely, lovely Jekyll Island wedding. The ceremony was at Faith Chapel and reception at the Westin.

Arielle + Lee Engagement | John Gilbert Nature Trail | St. Simons Island

Sweet and in love down to the bone, these two are. They'll be getting married next year in beautiful upstate New York where Lee's family is from. Read more of their sweet, sweet story below!


How did you two meet? Who made the first move?

Lee and I met at Brogen's right after Lee came back from the Marine Corps. It started out as a friendship but eventually, it grew stronger. Lee was picking me up every day for work and school, which eventually turned into my favorite part of my day. Lee became my best friend extremely fast. One day before he picked me up for work, I got a text message saying, "I have a crush on you." At first I was extremely shocked but I knew deep down I had feelings for him too. After that it was like our relationship jumped on the speed way and took off.

How and where did he propose?

Lee proposed on the upper stairs deck at Brogen's where we met. He had candles and rose petals on every stair leading up to the balcony. Once I looked up and saw him, he had the big gold balloons behind him that said, "Marry Me." Once I got up to him he got down on one knee and rose petals fell off the ceiling fan. I screamed yes before he could even get the ring out.

The three things that fuel our relationship I would say is laughter, the "little things," (ex: notes left on the white board on our refrigerator), and our favorite TV shows. (Law and Order: SVU and The Fosters)

My engagement ring is an oval shaped solitaire with a rose gold band. It's even more special because Lee had it made for me.


Katie + Ward | St. Simons Island Wedding | McKinnon Airport Reception

My prayer is that my business presence and images reflect the personality of the couple I am working with and the joy of their wedding day - giving attention to all the hard work and detail that went into making their day memorable - to make sure that the bride and groom's story is told like the grand romance it is. My job is made pretty easy and fun when I have couple's like Katie and Ward whose love for each other, God, their families, and St. Simons Island is so evident. Show them so love below and enjoy their wedding story. 

The prayers of these women are strong, true and representative the Father's heart, bringing peace on what could be a jittery time. Only joy was present. 


There's a photo album from the bride to the groom on the swing? The swing she played on as a kid? And she's gonna sneak up behind him as he's reading it. Oh, that's ROMANTIC as ALL GET OUT.  And just when you thought it couldn't get any more romantic...Ward surprised her with a live painter for their reception. Ahhhwwww.

Some of the cutest shots from Katie and Ward's engagement session was also on a swing!

Katie's vision for the wedding was everything enchanting, exciting and southern with muted neutrals.  Pretty sure she pulled it off.

Amongst the marshes of Glynn, Katie and Ward married.  Big, beautiful storm clouds rolled in just before the ceremony. Katie was patient, waited out the rain, and after all of the sweet guests pitched in drying the chairs, married her soul mate under the storm clouds. It couldn't have been more lovely. 

I about jumped out of my car when I pulled up to the reception. Look at that sunset. Every photographers' golden dream. 

Katie grew up around the McKinnon St. Simons Island Airport and what a beautiful backdrop it made for their sunset portraits!

This was the first event held in this hanger and boy, did they do a fabulous job. My favorite parts were probably the hanging greenery and the working SWING! 

Katie and I got to reconnect and recreate some photos with our GP girls that we mentored the summer we worked together. I even jumped in for a photo!

The night ended with a grand sparkler exit where the couple boarded a plane and flew off to their happy ever after.  

Katie and Ward, thank you a million times over for being so incredible. I hope this

new adventure together gets better each and every day. Your joy is contagious and I

absolutely loved being surrounded by it on your wedding day.

Engagement Session

Hair : Alana Becky at Uberzoot Hair Co.

Makeup : Judy Crouch

Dress:  Bridals by Lori and mother's veil

Shoes : The Pampered Foot

Florals :  The Vine and Randy Cribb

Ceremony Program: Bess Ratsimbaharison

Ceremony Music : Charlie Judd

Violinist: Morgan Stokes

Entertainment : Loose Chain

Live Painter: Elaine Burge Art

Food : Tasteful Temptations

Cake : Erin Scoggins

Invitations : Home made by Aimee Otte

Tables : Amelia Events

Coordinator : Allyson Moline

Videographer : Joshua Gellerstedt

Second Photographer : Laura Angela Photography



Taylor + Michael | Romantic Western Inspired Reception | Alpharetta Woods

I love this trend of having a smaller, more private wedding ceremony with close friends and family on one day. Then, on another day, have the party of of your dreams with a larger gang. Why break up the days?

  • You get the pleasure of wearing your wedding dress again, getting more out of the investment it is. Plus, if your all about getting glammed up, it's a second chance to feel your best beautiful.  

  • Have more time to plan the party and get everything you want. Maybe your ideal reception location isn't available the day of your ceremony, but it is a week later? Maybe you loved the  bouquet you held at the ceremony but want to go with a different color scheme the second time around to get some variety in your photos.? I know I have a hard time choosing just one look or style that I love. This way, you have a second chance to include all the details you love.

  • Get some time to feel married without all the fawning eyes. Wedding photographers do our best to give you time to breath in the moment of getting married to your best friend. That said, sometimes the day can go by so fast when there are so many people to catch up with at the reception. Separating the ceremony and reception days gives you plenty of time to ruin your makeup with happy tears before your grand entrance as husband and wife.


My very favorite part of this night was watching the happy couple dance together. The joy on Taylor and Michael's faces say it all. What brought it all together was the overflowing love that this couple and their families have for each other. 


These chic, rustic details took my mind back home to my California days of stone fireplaces and eating buttermilk pie at the family, old wood table. Such a beautiful, cozy setting. Check out all the pies Taylor's grandma made for this special day, including buttermilk! 


Can you get any happier, prettier people?!

Taco 'bout a night! This is what great wedding receptions are made of - great food, dancing, and of course piñatas and confetti!


The sweetest mother and son dance was followed by a father and daughter duet of "Suds in the Bucket! 


This song goes so well with the rest of the night!


Taylor and Michael, thank you so much for having me be a part of your beautiful wedding reception! ¡Fue muy divertito! 

Ambree + Preston | St. Simons Island Pier | Avenue of the Oaks

Connecting. I love it. Ambree and I connected after she saw my 'couple model call' post. Ya'll, she's from Alabama. How cool is that and aren't she and her beau Preston the cutest. I love how social media can bring people together.

We had to capture those signature Georgia trees. Avenue of the Oaks is one of my favorite spots. 

To avoid that hot afternoon sun, we headed under the pier for more flattering light and I could not be happier with what we got. The color of Ambree's dress really against the water and warm sun really was beautiful. 

Jessi + Luke Engagement | Athens Botanical Gardens

It was great to be back in Athens, my favorite classic city, for this engagement shoot. Jessi has such a caring and strong spirit and I'm so thrilled that she has met her other half. They are absolutely delightful together - height difference and all.

How did you meet?

We met through friends at a UGA tailgate (they were playing Auburn at home). Luke made the first move by asking me if I wanted to walk around and check out the other tailgates around Myers Quad!

What made you fall for him?

Well he sure is tall and handsome! ;) But for real, he was so kind to me even when we first met and genuinely cared to find out about me and my life. He has never stopped being the kindest person I know and constantly genuinely cares about my well-being and my happiness.


How and where did he propose?

I had been in full event planning mode getting ready for a birthday celebration for Luke's birthday this year! Luke had been helping the whole week getting his family farm ready for the celebration.  I was about to get off work the day before the party and I got a text from Luke asking me to please come out to the farm (about a 45 minute drive) and jump his car off because the battery died and no one else was answering. This had actually happened before so I didn't think much of it and said sure!

I drove out to the farm and pulled up, looking for Luke's truck to see where I needed to park. As I was pulling up, I saw tiki torches lining a path to the pond and bright bistro lights strung all around. It was a beautiful setup and I thought Luke did all of this for the party until he walked out from behind his truck in a collared shirt - which I thought was odd for work clothes - and told me he wanted to show me around. He had brought out our favorite dinner and prepared a campfire complete with s'mores! Once I realized this was not for the party, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. To which I replied, "Yes, of course"!


Do you have any advice for other couples?

Early in our relationship, we had to go through some of the hardest things couples have to go through and we couldn't have made it without absolute love and support from each other. Life is hard, but sometimes all your partner needs is just to know you care for and support them no matter what storms come your way.

Source: engagement-photography-athens-georgia-gard...

Merissa + Gavin | Engagement Session | St. Simons Island

This classic St. Simons Island engagement session is one of my favorites. We hit all the romantic spots - the Marina, the Avenue of the Oaks, and East Beach. 

Also, Merissa and Gavin's couple song is such a classic ^


How did you meet?

We met at Glynn Academy through mutual friends. Poor Gavin made the first move several times - I was oblivious for years!

How and where did he propose?

Key Biscayne, FL - He took me to the beach July 4th weekend (my favorite holiday) and asked me in front of a light house.

Do you have any advice for other couples?

Relationships aren't a race - have fun, enjoy each other's company, and cherish the little moments

Source: -engagement-photography-st-simons-island-g...

Katie + Ward Engagement | The Stables at Frederica

I loved shooting this engagement session at the Stables at Frederica on St. Simons Island at sunrise and then at Katie's childhood swing.

Katiebug is a ray of sunshine everywhere she goes. I was so blessed to work with her at The Gathering Place a few summers ago and see her share her sunshine with others. Now, she has found her sweet other half, Ward. Ya'll, they are so fun. 



I'm a sucker for spring colors, ponies and soft sunlight falling over the tips of the trees.

A perfect shoot.


You are never too old for your favorite swing. 

CAN'T WAIT for Katie and Ward's August wedding!

Source: engagement-the-stables-at-frederica-photog...

Kelly + Dexter Engagement

 I just love dreamy, sunset engagement sessions. It's a great way to get to know my couples better, try out different poses, learn what works for them.

To be honest, sometimes it's an awkward trial and error process.  Some of those cute poses on Pinterest don't work for everyone. That's why I'm grateful for easy-going, patient people like Kelly and Dexter. You can see the love between them and that's way more important than the pose I choose. 


Where did he propose? "At a place called "trapped" where you have to find clues in order to get out of a room. The last "clue" was my ring! It's cushion cut, simple, and perfect for me!"

What three things fuel their relationship? Their dog, family and good food/beer ;)

I can't wait for their Hilton Head Island wedding!


Mr. + Mrs. Tindol - St. Simons Island Wedding

Katie and Luke are the most lovely and humble people. It was an honor to document their love story. The settings they chose only enhanced just how delightful they are. 

The bridal party got ready at St. Simons Community Church. It's always a fun time hiding the bride and groom from each other. I love when they each have love letters for each other. 

 What a powerful scene to see the parents get up and pray with their children under this handmade cross. You also can't beat that the marshy backdrop. 

The live oaks of this island never disappoint for some beautiful formals. At the Avenue of the Oaks we were able to recreate images that Katie's m\mom at taken on her wedding day. 

Good home cookin' was on the menu at one of the island's best restaurants. After carving into the personalized cake, the couple danced the night away. 

Thank you Katie + Luke for letting me be a part of this beautiful day!

Second Shooter: Hannah Kicklighter

Wedding planning: Callie Fendig

Reception venue: Bennie's Red Barn

Gown: Bride Beautiful

Hair & Makeup: Devyn Miller

Florals: Cottage Flowers

Cake: Cathy Dart

Invitations & Paper goods: Taylor Weldon

Cross: Jimmy Kay 



Katie + Luke - Engagement Session at the Harbor

I never liked country before him, but now I listen to it when I want to think of him. It reminds me of summer love, driving in a truck with the windows down, and hanging by a river. As cheesy as that sounds, it is true.

Besides fabulous color-coordinating skills, the things that fuel Katie + Luke's relationship are eating good food together, laughter, and support/ encouragement.

How and where did he propose?

He surprised me (which was awesome) by driving down to SSI and showing up to dinner that I thought was supposed to be with my family. We were going to eat at the Raw Bar on Jekyll, and there he was standing/shaking by a beautiful oak near the marsh. It was perfection honestly.

Congrats, you two!

Sarah & Alex Christmas Card Session - Greensville, SC

What special love bugs. They are doing married life right and just bought their first house! Not to mention, the kids! Kittens..that is. And, boy are they cute.  Don't miss their photos below!