Arielle + Lee Engagement | John Gilbert Nature Trail | St. Simons Island

Sweet and in love down to the bone, these two are. They'll be getting married next year in beautiful upstate New York where Lee's family is from. Read more of their sweet, sweet story below!


How did you two meet? Who made the first move?

Lee and I met at Brogen's right after Lee came back from the Marine Corps. It started out as a friendship but eventually, it grew stronger. Lee was picking me up every day for work and school, which eventually turned into my favorite part of my day. Lee became my best friend extremely fast. One day before he picked me up for work, I got a text message saying, "I have a crush on you." At first I was extremely shocked but I knew deep down I had feelings for him too. After that it was like our relationship jumped on the speed way and took off.

How and where did he propose?

Lee proposed on the upper stairs deck at Brogen's where we met. He had candles and rose petals on every stair leading up to the balcony. Once I looked up and saw him, he had the big gold balloons behind him that said, "Marry Me." Once I got up to him he got down on one knee and rose petals fell off the ceiling fan. I screamed yes before he could even get the ring out.

The three things that fuel our relationship I would say is laughter, the "little things," (ex: notes left on the white board on our refrigerator), and our favorite TV shows. (Law and Order: SVU and The Fosters)

My engagement ring is an oval shaped solitaire with a rose gold band. It's even more special because Lee had it made for me.