Family Christmas Session - Sea Island

I am so thankful for this wonderful family and the chance to take their holiday photos!'

I've spent a bit of time at the doctor this past year. I've always been generally and gratefully healthy.💪
 But my family seems to pick up strange illnesses that become puzzles for physicians. I'm no different and I hate talking about it. But more and more have been asking "are you sick?" Which makes you feel like you're not wearing enough makeup. 💋
Sitting here in another waiting room, anxious to find out what's wrong with you, really sucks. Especially when they don't have an answer. Once again.😾
But man, life is good. Not a day goes by that something beautiful doesn't happen. I mean, look at those sweet faces above. I'm so thankful to be surrounded and supported by loving faces. Getting to photograph and cherish moments like this makes the sickness subside and serves as a reminder that it's ok to reach out and ask for some love. I'm good at concaving into myself when days are dark. But I wouldn't wish that on anybody. 🙊

So, I guess I'm just saying thank you for letting me capture your smiles and warm kisses. Thank you Jesus for beautiful sunlight and new days. Making images with gorgeous sun flares and laughs will continue to be my happy space 🌞

End of weird life update. :)